Talk with your Telegram contacts from your Internet browser


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Webogram is an unofficial Telegram client that lets you chat with all your contacts from your Internet browser, without even having to look at your smartphone.

If you normally have to work on your PC, checking your phone all the time can get tiring. It's much better to check the instant messaging service from a tab on the browser.

The interface is very similar to that of the messaging service, so it is really easy to use. You just have to do the same you would do on the mobile phone app. Open chats appear to the left, the conversation window in the middle, and emojis and the text box on the lower side.

Naturally, Webogram also lets you send files, check the ones on the chat history -since it syncs with your smartphone-, check your friends profiles, and your conversation history. The only difference is that you can't open secret chats from this application.

Accessing Webogram is really easy, you just have to insert your phone number, and then Telegram sends you a password through SMS, just as with the mobile phone app.

The application is still in development, so it's not 100% safe and functional.

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